Richmond, California 2021 - ongoing

Collaboration with Princess Robinson, Graham Laird Prentice, and members of the Richmond Community

Fencelines Co-Creator Princess Robinson


The ‘Fencelines’ project centers circumstances of environmental injustice, proposing a temporary, participatory art installation between the neighborhoods of North Richmond, CA and the Chevron petroleum refinery, which has polluted the air, water, land and people of the community for generations. Slats in different colors are placed on the fence itself, with ribbons attached animating which way the wind blows. Designed to amplify the voices of the community here, individuals and families are invited to record their stories and messages on these slats, documenting the impact of the petroleum industry on many lives, and together forming a collective monument to resilience.

We aspire to deepen the work by collaborating with aligned organizations, particularly the Richmond Our Power Coalition, so that these visual messages are tied to the broader outcome and goals of a Just Transition.

Project Timeline

Summer 2022: Participatory Workshops at Richmond Art Center & Neighborhood Events

Spring 2023: Temporary Site Installation in North Richmond

Spring 2023: Exhibition at Richmond Art Center

Recipient of Southern Exposure: 2021 Alternative Exposure Grant, California Arts Council Impact Grant, and a Richmond Love Your Block Mini-Grant.