San Francisco, 2017

Night Two of CLIMAX, an immersive project by Space Open at Storefront Lab in San Francisco. Led by Bobby Glass & Darryl Jones.

As we settle into the future, we remember the darkness that haunted us about what was to come. But now it has come, and so we must begin, again, to live as we desire to live. We must continue to imagine what is possible. Part tea house, part bath house, part body-painting immersion, Embrace connects our mind and body through healing group activities.

For this immersive experience, I created a looping landscape film montage, wrapping the canvas walls for the duration of each ritual painting session. A series of my Nomadic Assemblages, short film "haikus," were shown in an introductory gallery space interspersed with Hillary Jones' beautiful Forms of Resistance films.

Event Documentation: Darryl Jones

Original Music: Eric Olson