Highway Dispatches

2016 -

Highways 1 + 101

These images are from a series of studies inspired by sights of infrastructure dotted along highways, often passed by too quickly to inspect - signs, cables, silos, and cones engaging with cliffs, fields, trees, and sky. The overlay as representation stemmed from the desire to illustrate the experience of movement through time, difficult to achieve in a single photograph, while simultaneously capturing momentary imagery, difficult to ascertain in a video.

These compositions attempt to demonstrate the varying character of highways in California. Coastal Highway 1 often feels narrow and dangerous, winding along cliffsides encapsulated by fog, whereas the inland Highway 101 runs smoothly along rolling, sun-drenched grasslands, widening from 4 lanes up to 8 at times. Interstate 5, a major trucking route, runs through the flat and arid agricultural landscape of the Central Valley.

Interstate 5